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Kevin Durant Posts On Twitter For The First Time After Requesting A Trade: "The Ones Who Were Locked In That Gym With Me Know What It Is, They Know What I’m About. If You Haven’t Been In There With Me, Ask Around."

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The Kevin Durant trade saga has taken the internet by storm. While the Nets seemed like a contender in the East before the free agency started, all hell broke loose the moment their superstar forward Durant demanded a trade from the team.

Although the league has seen many other stars signing hefty contracts and some superstar free agent signings by teams, it seems like the community is particularly fixated on KD's next move. The trade request was especially shocking to many as the 33-year-old seemingly was the architect behind the formation of the Nets superteam.

Despite having some of the biggest names in the franchise like Kyrie Irving and James Harden, expectations were never met, and the team somehow failed to perform in the playoffs. Given Durant's initial excitement with the program, though, it seemed like the 2-time Finals MVP might end up giving it another go with Brooklyn. But to everyone's surprise, Durant was having none of it after the horrible 2021-22 season.

The 12-time All-Star recently posted a cryptic tweet for the first time after demanding a trade from the team. 

By the looks of it, Durant wants to shut his critics who are clowning on him for giving up on the Nets this early and demand a trade from the team. While Brooklyn was a star-filled roster, it was mainly KD who made an effort to make things work for the team.

As usual, fans had something to say about this, firing back at Kevin Durant. 

Even when the team was struggling last season, it was the 2014 MVP's incredible performances that helped the team stay afloat in the postseason. While his playoffs weren't as impressive, he did try his best against the eventual Eastern Conference champions Boston Celtics, putting up 39 points in the last game of the series,

If someone is questioning KD's commitment to the Nets, they surely did not see the incredible individual performances Durant put up just to keep his team in the mix. This trade request might have been because of multiple reasons, and one of them surely would be the lack of support the 32-year-old was given by his other superstars.

What do you think about Kevin Durant's latest comments on Twitter?