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Kevin Durant Responds After James Harden's Brooklyn Debut: "Man It Was Incredible...

(via The Athletic)

(via The Athletic)

Despite the talent, many still aren't sure Brooklyn's newest "big three" is capable of winning it all this season.

Whether doubts about chemistry or off-court relations, there are plenty of reasons to think that the NBA's newest superteam might not be all it's being cracked up to be.

But for Kevin Durant, who has seen more than his fair share of talent, seems as excited as he's ever been about the whole situation.

“Man it was incredible. You could see him trying to figure out the best way to play early on. He just got into his mode and was being aggressive, trying to score; that opened up the game for the rest of us.

I can’t wait to have our full team together, seeing what types of shots we can get for our shooters. It’s going to be tough for anyone to double us & trap us in the pick-and-roll.”

In case you weren't aware, Harden dropped a triple-double in his debut with the Nets, tallying 32 points, 14 assists, and 12 rebounds per game on 44% shooting.

They won their game against the Orlando Magic by 7 points, and it was without Kyrie Irving. With all three together, there's really no telling what might happen...