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Kevin Durant Responds To Fans Making Fun Of His Dry Skin: "I’m Bouta Pull My "Y’all Broke" Card In A Second. F*ck Y’all."

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is without a doubt one of the best players in the world. He is a superstar that is playing at a high level, and the unquestioned leader of the Brooklyn Nets. But even superstars have their weaknesses.

A lot of NBA fans have recently made fun of Kevin Durant due to his dry/ashy ankle skin, with some asking him to put lotion on. Kevin Durant reacted to the online criticism and jokingly told everyone that he was going to pull his "y'all broke" card on everyone who was making fun of him. NBA fans then proceeded to respond to Durant's Tweet.

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Hopefully, Kevin Durant will be able to take care of his ashy/dry skin moving forward. While dry skin is clearly nothing out of the ordinary, moisturizing and keeping skin healthy is generally a good thing to do.

A lot of fans roasted Kevin Durant, but he clearly has a sense of humor. Durant is known for often interacting with NBA fans on Twitter, and he's even been in Twitter Spaces where he directly talked to fans. Durant has previously stated that he doesn't see a problem when he's interacting with fans, even claiming that it should be encouraged.

There's no doubt that Kevin Durant is social media savvy. Social media is part of the modern world, and Kevin Durant takes advantage of it to interact with others. There's nothing wrong with him using it in his own way.

Aside from sending clap backs on social media, Kevin Durant's goal this year is likely to win a championship with the Brooklyn Nets. He has been playing at a stellar level, and he's an early candidate for the MVP award. We'll see how the Nets perform in the future, but with Durant at the helm, they will always have a chance of winning it all.