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Kevin Durant Revealed That Devin Booker Was Wanted By The Oklahoma City Thunder In The 2015 Draft: "We Called Devin Booker, We Wanted Him."

Kevin Durant Revealed That Devin Booker Was Wanted By The Oklahoma City Thunder In The 2016 Draft: "We Called Devin Booker, We Wanted Him."

The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the teams that drafted superbly throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s. The team managed to land Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden in quick succession, and it's still hard to believe that they weren't able to convert that into a dynasty. 

Durant isn't the most well-liked person in OKC, to say the least, considering how he left to join the Golden State Warriors, but things could have gone a lot differently. The 2015 draft had some interesting players, names like Karl-Anthony Towns, D'Angelo Russell, and Devin Booker came into the league that season. And Booker, who Durant has recently openly admitted to admiring, almost became his teammate as a rookie. 

Durant once spoke about the Booker situation, explaining that the Thunder wanted to draft him with the 14th pick. They instead selected Cam Payne, who is incidentally now Booker's teammate in Phoenix. Phoenix ended up picking Booker 13th overall and pipped OKC, but Durant was very clear in the fact that the Thunder tried to get him: 

"We called Devin Booker, we wanted him in OKC."

Booker has become one of the league's premier scorers and made the All-NBA First Team in 2022 after a stellar regular season with the Suns. And he was quite the scorer since early in his career too, which means he could have been a factor in helping KD and Russ in their fateful loss against the Golden State Warriors in 2016.

Durant and Booker on the same team would have been a ridiculous scoring combination to go along with prime Russell Westbrook, and the possibility that KD would never have left had they drafted the shooting guard will always exist. While we may now never know how it might have turned out, perhaps the two might end up playing together again should Durant end up leaving the Brooklyn Nets after all.