Kevin Durant Roasts Zach LaVine On Instagram Live: "How You Come Overseas And You A Max Player And You Don't Have Service On Your Phone..."

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Just as Team USA begins to hit a groove on the basketball court, it seems many of the players are getting into some shenanigans off the court as well.

This past week, the story has been between Kevin Durant and Bam Adebayo, who seemingly have some sort of "beef" that has the entire internet laughing.

Now, Durant has turned his sights to Bulls guard Zach LaVine. Apparently, besides having bad defense, the young star lacks an international phone plan. Judging by the words of Durant, he isn't able to use his phone overseas right now, which is a problem considering they're currently playing in Tokyo.

In an Instagram Live clip that has home viral, Durant begins his verbal (and hilarious) assault on Zach.

“Zach LaVine needѕ minuteѕ on his prepaid iPhօne, so he can’t get on. He’ll have to correѕpond through mine. How you come overѕeaѕ… You’re a max plaуer in the NBA and уou ain’t got service on уour phօne. Get that international plan before уou get on the plane.”

Seriously though, how does Zach go to Tokyo for the Olympics without having an international phone plan? After all, it's not like the guy can't afford it. This past season alone, he made over $19 million.

Either way, it's good to see the folks on Team USA having a good time. After losing some early exhibition games, there was concern that the U.S. team would not finish with the Gold.

The outcome is still very much in question, and Team USA can be beaten by anyone. But as time goes on, and these guys get to know each other more, it'll only make them more of a cohesive unit on the court.

We're already starting to see some of those effects.