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Kevin Durant Wanted The Thunder To Draft Devin Booker In 2015: "We Called Devin. We Wanted Devin In OKC. I Wanted Him."

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Kevin Durant Wanted The Thunder To Draft Devin Booker In 2015: "We Called Devin. We Wanted Devin In OKC. I Wanted Him."'

Traditionally, when people think of getting superstars, they think of free agency. Big profile names like LeBron James and Kevin Durant are always in the headlines for their moves from one team to another at the end of their contracts. Free agency isn't the only tool GMs can use when trying to build for contention. Numerous superstars have been acquired through the draft: just remember, the Oklahoma City Thunder used to have Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden.

In 2015 the Oklahoma City Thunder could have had another superstar join their duo in Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Statline recently reported that Devin Booker could have been on the OKC Thunder.

Kevin Durant reportedly wanted the Thunder to draft Booker, going so far as to call him before the draft. In the 2015 NBA Draft, The Oklahoma City Thunder had the No. 14 overall pick, while the Phoenix Suns picked Booker right before that, at No. 13. Trading one spot up late lottery is easier than trading up in the top 10. Oklahoma City missed a big chance for a championship, drafting Cameron Payne instead.

Sam Presti is one of the best GM's in the league and is willing to trade stars, while still making the playoffs. That was true of James Harden, who was traded to the Rockets. Booker would have been a natural replacement. That would be especially true as a perimeter shot creator. Booker is an electric scorer and would have been elite, playing with Durant and Westbrook.

Booker would probably have been an all-star, except not stuck in a perpetual losing situation as he has for the past few years. Players who have played for the Thunder won 10 of 11 of the last scoring titles, so perhaps Booker could have been the next to join them.

There was a chance that Sam Presti could have pulled off some wizardry and gotten Devin Booker. While it is fun to think about, that's all it was, a chance. The Suns wanted Booker, and the rest is history. Kevin Durant ended up leaving, and won two championships with the Golden State Warriors: sometimes things turn out well regardless of missed opportunities.