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Kevin Durant's Brother Makes It Clear KD Won't Stay In Brooklyn: "Uhhhhhh Skip The Hell With That And You"

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Kevin Durant knows that he wants to continue his career out of Brooklyn after requesting a trade from the team he joined in the summer of 2019. KD has failed to even make it to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2021 and 2022, losing against the eventual champions Milwaukee Bucks last year and, more recently, against the Boston Celtics. 

Durant knows he has a debt to the people in Brooklyn but still wants out of the team after missing another chance to win it all at Barclays Center. Now, it's time to look for new challenges and find himself in a winning position again, which could happen in Miami, Phoenix, Golden State, or even Toronto. 

The only certainty now is that KD won't continue his career in Brooklyn after a tumultuous 2021/22 NBA season. He has made it clear with his trade request, but if somebody had doubts about it or even thought that the Nets still have a chance to keep the 2014 NBA MVP, his brothers made sure to shut down that notion. 

Tony Durant commented on a post talking about Skip Bayless believing that KD isn't done with the Nets and he could stay with the team past this offseason. He used a short but clear sentence, stating that Kevin has already made up his mind. 


It's pretty clear that the Durants are done with the Nets and they're looking to find new challenges in the league. This decision has earned KD a lot of criticism, but that's something he's used to dealing with. This is only the beginning of this situation; when fans learn about the trade that takes him away from Brooklyn, Durant will get even more criticism from fans. 

We have to wait and see how this situation develops and what team finally acquires KD's services. As of right now, we can only confirm that he won't play for the Nets again.