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Kevin Garnett Calls Out Kyrie Irving Over Stomping On The Celtics Logo: "So Nobody Gonna Say Anything About Kyrie Stomping 'Lucky'?"

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Kevin Garnett has always been known as a passionate player, who gave his heart and soul on the court to every franchise that he played for. One of those franchises was the Boston Celtics, where he won a championship next to Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. That team is an iconic team for the ages, and Kevin Garnett is a loved athlete in Boston.

Kyrie Irving is a former Celtic who is viewed unfavorably among Celtics fans. After his recent 39 point performance, he stomped on the Boston Celtics logo at TD Garden. Kevin Garnett called Kyrie Irving out over the incident and has suggested that the action was not acceptable.

While Kyrie Irving stomping on the logo doesn't excuse the Boston Celtics fan throwing a water bottle at him, it's easy to see why Kevin Garnett would find that disrespectful. There is no question that many Celtics fans don't like Kyrie Irving, and it looks as though that disdain is mutual. Kevin Garnett was a Celtic for quite some time, and the franchise was a big part of his career, so it makes sense that he would defend the team. Kevin Garnett has always been outspoken as a player, and we can see him attack Kyrie's conduct in this situation.