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Boston Celtics Fan Threw Water Bottle At Kyrie Irving As He Was Going Into The Locker Room

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With fans coming back into the stands, there is no doubt that the atmosphere around basketball is returning to normal. Fans in the stands provide more excitement, and the energy of the crows is important for some players, as they feed off it. However, there are some fans that commit actions that are just unacceptable.

Kyrie Irving has had problems with fans in Boston ever since he left the team in the manner that he did. While some boos are to be expected, there are certain things you just shouldn't do. Recently, a video has been captured of a Boston Celtics fan throwing a water bottle at Kyrie Irving.

There is no question that this sort of behavior shouldn't be tolerated. There have been other fans who have broken the rules this season, such as the fan who threw popcorn on Russell Westbrook, or the fan who spit on Trae Young. It is important to have a competitive spirit towards the game and sometimes banter with your opponents. However, these actions are just too far. Hopefully, we see this fan be brought to justice, and the Celtics could potentially ban him, just like we've seen other fans banned by other teams for harassing players.