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Kevin Garnett Will Invest $200 Million To Buy The Timberwolves As Part Of Group That Includes Two Billionaires From California And Another From Florida

(via Hardwood Houdini)

(via Hardwood Houdini)

The Timberwolves are apparently up for sale and former franchise star Kevin Garnett is pulling all the stops in an effort to buy it.

According to a report by Charley Walters, KG is set to invest at least $20 million in a group that includes several billionaires.


Word within basketball circles is that Kevin Garnett’s group that wants to buy the Timberwolves from Glen Taylor includes two billionaires from California and another from Florida. Garnett’s investment is said to be $200 million, and he would head the basketball operation with authority to name the GM and coach. Asking price is expected to be about $1.2 billion, which also includes the Lynx.

Garnett has shown interest in ownership for a while now, and he was once part of an effort to bring an NBA team back to Seattle. So it's no surprise he is pushing hard to buy the Wolves, a team in which he has a deep-rooted history.

One of his main priorities will be ensuring the team stays put in Minnesota, but he will also be responsible for hiring the GM, coach, and other basketball-related personnel.

It remains to be seen if KG and his group will close the deal, especially because they aren't the only ones interested in buying. Still, if KG does end up as part-owner, it may go a long way in finally turning things around.