Kevin Love Completely Ignores Kyrie Irving While Saluting 2016 Cavaliers Championship Teammates


Kevin Love isn't done making headlines. The Cleveland Cavaliers legend has been very active on social media, taking shots at Jerry Colangelo for his comments on Love's withdrawal from Team USA. 

If that wasn't enough, he sent out a provoking tweet saluting his teammates from the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers championship team. Love always has nice things to say about that squad, but there's one name that always gets thrown under the bus whenever people discuss those Cavs. 

KL saluted his teammates, leaving Kyrie Irving out. LeBron James, JR Smith, Richard Jefferson, Tristan Thompson, and Channing Frye were all tagged. All of them but Kyrie.

Of course, fans noticed this and replied to the big man. While some laughed at the fact that Kyrie wasn't mentioned, others asked Love to respect his former teammate.  

Irving and Love have had some exchanges in the past, with Love calling Kyrie out for labeling journalists as 'pawns' last year. It's reported that they never were the best of friends, and as Kyrie grew tired of the Cavs, Love became more distant with the point guard. 

Well, this is the confirmation that Kyrie and Love had no love for each other. These two are great at what they do and did incredible things on the court. Still, their relationship off the hardwoods was complicated.