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Kevin Love On LeBron James' Iconic 2016 Finals Block: "It’s The Greatest And Most Clutch Block, Maybe Defensive Play Of All Time."

(via Franchise Sports)

(via Franchise Sports)

If you go back and think about the 2016 NBA Finals, one play, in particular, is bound to pop up in your head: the legendary and insane block by LeBron James down the stretch, in which he sends a potentially series-clinching layup by Andre Iguodala bouncing off the backboard.

And while the fans were going nuts over the play at the time, it apparently made quite the impression on the players as well.

Years later, Cleveland star Kevin Love spoke about that block by his former teammate, calling it the greatest block in NBA history.

"When you run it back because I was running back on defense, JR Smith was ahead of me. And then Iguodala had the ball, and I just remembered that split second when JR, he went over the top just to create that little bit of space and little bit of time to then allow Bron to take off and pin that ball on the glass. That’s what I remember, I had maybe a better shot and glance and angle at it than anybody else.

I’ve said it before, I think (it’s) the greatest and most clutch block, maybe defensive play of all time. I know we had several plays in that game that were incredibly meaningful. But for that, there’s no telling how the game would have ended up if you didn’t have that miraculous play in a game seven on the road like that. It was just a truly special play from a guy that’s going to go down in the history books as maybe the greatest player of all time."

Naturally, it's hard to argue against Bron's play being among the greatest ever. Not only was it a pivotal point in the game, with a high degree of difficulty, but it also resulted in the Cavaliers winning their first Championship ever.

Years later, with Bron having moved on from the Cavs, it's no surprise to find people still thinking back to that moment.