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Klay Thompson Got Angry At Fellow Boater For Not Greeting Him: “Put It Up, Buddy. No Wave, Huh? F*** You, Then.”

Klay Thompson Got Angry At Fellow Boater For Not Greeting Him: “Put It Up, Buddy. No Wave, Huh? Fuck You, Then.”

While he recovers from a torn Achilles, Klay Thompson travels through the Bay area, enjoying the water, talking with fans about basketball and life. Hell, he even recommends music. 

The Golden State Warriors star has gotten very close to his boat, which he called "Nordic Knife" or "Splash Expressed," taking fans with him for his trips. The shooting guard has had some people over, including James Wiseman

Yet, for most of the trips, Klay is alone. Recently, he starred in a curious moment when a fellow boater didn't wave at him. This didn't sit well with Klay, who dropped an F-bomb to this person. 

“Put it up, buddy," the 3x NBA champion said while he waved at somebody. Seeing that he didn't get an answer, Klay changed his approach. "No wave, huh? F**k you, then.”

When he's trying to have good moments, people have different plans for Klay. Fortunately, that didn't change his mood and the player continued his day. 

It's been a couple of rough days for him. After learning he was snubbed from the NBA 75 list of greatest players, the Splash Brother sent two big messages, making a case for himself. The second one was bigger, though, as he claimed he was 'sick of the disrespect' and ready to prove people wrong. 

The Golden State Warriors started this season a great way, beating the Los Angeles Lakers in the season opener before taking care of the Clippers. Stephen Curry has played great, picking things where he left them last season. 

While Klay recovers from his injury, the Chef has everything under control. Once Klay returns, the Dubs will be a huge threat for the rest of the league.