Klay Thompson Again Stars In Hilarious Boat Video: "I’m Not Lit, I'm Just Happy. I Had A Great Workout, Hit The Pilates."

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Klay Thompson is one of the coolest NBA players out there. The Golden State Warriors star is always spreading good vibes and positive thoughts, earning the love and respect of fans. 

Amid his ACL rehab, Klay has found peace driving his boat and talking to fans on social media. This must be therapeutic for him, as he's doing it more and more. First, Drake mocked him in a hilarious sequence, but that doesn't mean Klay is stopping his entertaining and hilarious live streams. 

Recently, he took to Instagram to talk with fans, leaving some big comments about the salmon season, dinner, the 80s, and even pilates. Klay is a character, and he's not afraid of showing that. 

"I like the 80s. 80s was all about big colors, supersonic sounds and groovy tunes. Salmon season, y'all, salmon season in 8 days, the 26th. Be there or be square... I’m not lit, I'm just happy. I had a great workout, hit the pilates."

He definitely dropped some gems there, demonstrating why he's one of the most beloved players around the league. While he's recovering from a season-ending injury, Klay is trying to inspire people. 

Watch the full video: 

The Golden State Warriors will face a significant challenge this offseason after missing the playoffs for the second straight campaign. However, with Klay's return and a couple of good moves from the front office, this team can be a contender in the Western Conference.