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Klay Thompson: "I Feel Like It’s Going To Take A Few Games, Maybe A Few Weeks To Get To Feeling Like An All-Star Again."

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Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson was a crucial part of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, and at his peak, he was one of the best two-way forwards in the game. He is one of the best shooters to ever play the game, and his talents got him 5 All-Star selections.

Unfortunately, Klay Thompson has missed the last two seasons with injuries to his ACL and Achilles. However, the good news is that he is slated to come back in 2022. Steve Kerr also stated that Thompson would immediately start for the Golden State Warriors upon his return.

Sometimes, it takes players a long amount of time to reach the same level they were at pre-injuries. However, Klay Thompson seemingly believes that it is a matter of "a few weeks" before he feels like an All-Star once again.

Shot I'm never worried about. The hardest part when you come back after a long layoff, the timing, the rhythm of the game...Even when I come back and play whenever that is, it's gonna a be minutes restriction... hopefully peak towards winning time... Honestly when I come back, I feel like myself, I feel great, I feel like it’s going to take a few games, maybe a few weeks to get to feeling like an All-Star again.

Hopefully, Klay Thompson will still be able to play at a high level after suffering two serious injuries. A lot of his game was based on his shooting ability, and as Thompson stated, he's "never worried" about his shooting. Perhaps we'll see him return stronger than ever, and Klay Thompson could be an x-factor for the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors have done extremely well without Klay Thompson this year, but they should be an even better team when he comes back. They look like legitimate contenders, and they could end up winning the 2021-22 championships.