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Klay Thompson Praises James Wiseman: "I Think James Is Going To Be A Perennial All-Star One Day."

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(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

James Wiseman was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft and was the top big man selected. Wiseman has an amazing combination of athleticism and skill for a center of his size, and he has flashed at times what he is fully capable of. While James Wiseman still needs some time to develop, he is still one of the most intriguing young players in the game.

Many have spoken highly of James Wiseman. Some people think that he could be a future All-Star one day, simply due to all the things that he offers on the court. One of those people is teammate Klay Thompson. While Thompson hasn't played this season, he is still a valuable voice for all the players on the roster. Thompson talked up Wiseman, and suggested great things lie ahead for him.

James Wiseman projects to be the Warriors' starting center once he adjusts to the NBA, and that prospect is potentially deadly. The Warriors look like they will be a force next season when Klay Thompson comes back, and Wiseman is bound to be a huge part of it. While his numbers don't pop off the box score, James Wiseman has all the tools to be a generational big man, and it is good to see a prominent teammate give him the praise.