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Klay Thompson Reveals How He Really Felt Watching Stephen Curry Surpassed His Career-High

Klay Thompson Reveals How He Really Felt Watching Stephen Curry Surpass His Career-High

Klay Thompson was the happiest person alive to see his Splash Brother Stephen Curry having a terrific night on Sunday when he went off with 62 points for the Golden State Warriors. Curry fired back at the haters with a great performance in a victory over the Portland Trail Blazers and everybody was in awe with him.

Even his teammate couldn't help but congratulate him on social media, welcoming him to the 60-point club. Klay took to Twitter to celebrate Curry and the Warriors for having such a magical night.

However, there was something behind that and Thompson revealed his true feelings recently, explaining how he really felt watching Curry surpassing his career-high 60 points on Sunday night. He went to Instagram to talk about Curry's performance and posted a video that summed up how he felt watching Steph going off on the Blazers.

It was incredibly funny and Klay was just joking about Steph and his big night, but it's still hilarious. Thompson won't play this season with the Dubs after tearing his right Achilles tendon during the preseason. Curry has a bigger responsibility now without Klay and he's carrying his team the best he can. Even though he's receiving a lot of criticism for his performances during the first two games of the season, Curry has bounced back and the Warriors are ready to compete in the Western Conference. Even without Klay, Curry needs to take this team to the postseason and if he keeps playing this way plus the help of the rest of the team, the Dubs have big chances to make some noise this campaign.

As Curry said, he took things personally and now the Dubs are inspired and ready to beat whoever is in front of them.