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Klay Thompson Reveals The Hilarious Moment He Hit Kevin Love With A Pitch In Youth Baseball: "I Beaned Him Right In The Back..."

Klay Thompson

31-year-old Klay Thompson has come a long way since his rookie debut in 2011.

A 5x All-Star, 3x NBA Champion, and 2x All-NBA player, the guy is destined for a spot in the Hall-of-Fame and is widely considered one of the league's all-time greatest shooters.

Recently, the Warriors legend took a trip down memory lane, revisiting his old middle school in Portland, Oregon.

It was a treat to see him reflect on his past, but one particular moment stood out from the rest. At one point, as Klay does some laps around the school's baseball field, he shed some light on the time he apparently beamed Kevin Love with a baseball.

"I faced Kevin Love here. I was pitching, he was batting. I beamed him right in the back. New he was going to be a Cav."

Kevin Love obviously turned out okay and it's a pretty funny little tale, but also quite crazy that the two would later go on to face each other in the Finals years later.

For Thompson, this trip to Portland is just one of many ways he has let his personality show to the fans. He frequently chats with fans via Instagram Live when takes trips on his boat, and it's always entertaining.

“I have a few names for it. I call it the 'Nordic Knife' or 'Splash Express'. “She was made in Finland, so that’s Norwegian I think. She cuts the water like a knife, so I call her the Nordic Knife. People are like ‘why would you name your boat after a weapon?’ I’m like ‘it’s not a weapon it’s just the way she rides.’ It’s so fast. Then Splash Express is when I'm carrying my friends on board and we’re commuting."

“Yeah, no question. Gotta go out for Fleet Week. There’s a lot of boats out there, but it’s the vibe.”

The 5x All-Star has yet to return from a series of injuries that have sidelined him for over two seasons now.

But with the sharpshooter scheduled to come back sometime this year, it won't be long before we see him back in action once again, helping the Warriors capture another title.