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Kobe Bryant Requested To Change The Time Of Helicopter Flight The Night Before His Crash

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It's been almost six months since Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, and seven other passengers died on a tragical helicopter crash in Calabasas, Los Angeles.

While most of the sports community - us included - still can't fathom this enormous loss, researchers, journalists, and even lawyers are still trying to figure out the aftermath of what led to this unfortunate event.

And, in an interesting - yet tragical - twist of the story, Kobe's personal assistant recently told Sam Goodwin of Yahoo Sport Australia that Kobe was actually scheduled to take flight at 9:45 am but instead, he requested to reschedule the flight to 9 am because he wanted to watch another team play:

“That particular day, for Sunday, I actually changed the time the night before, probably around 6 pm or 7 pm. Because Kobe had decided he wanted to go to watch another team play before his game. So it was supposed to be a 9:45 am departure, but the night before it was changed to a 9 am departure," Brady claimed.

As we know by now, weather conditions and fog made it unsafe to fly that morning. In fact, CNN reported that the flight coordinator asked pilot Ara Zobayan about the flight. Zobayan, reportedly, replied:

"Just checked not the best day tomorrow but not as bad as it is today." The following day, Zobayan continued the conversation in the group chat with "Morning weather looking okay," then adding that everything "Should be ok", to which the flight coordinator agreed.

The more we take an in-depth look at this accident, the more it feels like it could have been avoided and those 9 people could still be among us.

Those little things, the stubbornness of the pilot, and Kobe's sudden change of schedule created the perfect storm for one of the darkest days in sports history. I guess that's just how life goes.