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Kwame Brown And Matt Barnes Keep Taking Shots At One Another

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By now, a lot of people have heard of Kwame Brown's beef with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, the co-hosts of the famous podcast All The Smoke. Kwame Brown fired back at the pair for the way they talked about him on the podcast, and the beef has continued since then.

Matt Barnes addressed Kwame Brown's words not too long ago and has cautioned Brown about the attention that he is getting, pointing out that people don't care about him, but rather the drama. He extended an invitation to Brown to come on his podcast also willing to box with Brown "before, during, or after" to get it done.

Your cry for help, your need for attention has worked. I heard your Instagram following has grown over 30,000 the last handful of days since you had my d**k, I mean my name in your mouth. Don't be fooled by this new attention... They didn't give a f**k about you last week... They love the drama.

Come on the show. Talk that s**t, tell your story face to face... We're an award winning platform, we don't tear down black men. Because you were the butt of the joke... you think we tearing down black men. But if you actually watch the show, we empower everybody.

If me and you gotta box before, during or after and shake hands to get this s**t done, you know I am always with the s**t... You attacking Stephen A. Smith, he's almost 60 years old, he don't want to fight you. But I ain't got no issues.

Kwame Brown fired back at Matt Barnes in a rant. He has vehemently stated that he doesn't want to hear anything else from Barnes, while also insulting Barnes. by calling him "Becky with the good hair".

Becky with the good hair? I hope you learned your lesson boy. That you need to shut your goddamn mouth. You ain't a man amongst men. I don't wanna hear s**t else from you. You can pass out weed... See that's what I'm talking about. We need to get stupid a** n****s out of our culture. You should have been passing out bookbags, you dumb m*********er.

Your emotional a** had to jump your m*********ng gate... That means you wasn't welcome there. You one of them sadistic, suicidal crazy sons of b****es... Damn you ain't welcome boy. Just like you ain't welcome in none of these real man conversations. 

It doesn't look like this argument will end up anytime soon, as neither is backing down. While an episode of All The Smoke featuring Matt Barnes and Kwame Brown hashing this out could be interesting, it seems like that has an almost 0% chance of happening.