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Kwame Brown Flames Russell Westbrook For Wearing Skirt In Public

Kwame Brown Flames Russell Westbrook For Wearing Skirt In Public

Russell Westbrook has never been shy about his fashion choices. Over the years, he has worn countless different things, and many of them can be considered bizarre and/or abnormal.

Recently, however, Westbrook's fashion choices caused a whole lot of uproar within the NBA community, as fans were quick to criticize the man, who has a wife, for wearing a skirt in public.

To say the picture is controversial is certainly an understatement, and it has sparked many reactions by folks online.

Among the outcry of angry individuals was former NBA player Kwame Brown, who recently went on a rage-filled rant about why he has lost all respect for Westbrook. 

"There's two ways you could go. You can bite the apple and wear them muthaf---ing dresses like Russell Westbrook or whatever the f-ck his name is, I don't even wanna say his name no more.

But this ain't his first time in a dress so I don't know why people so alarmed. He's been wearing dresses and weird a-- sh-t. Just cause this n-gga can jump high and play basketball.

Not no n-gga I ever grew up and messed around with gonna be walking around in the streets with a dress on and some muthaf---ing boots and keep my respect. and say he heterosexual. Now if he gay, cool I don't give a f-ck. 

But when you say you a heterosexual male and that's what you do, then f-ck you and that's my opinion."

Kwame is obviously very pressed about Russ and his skirt, and the public's reaction has been rather mixed. Some find it funny, others find it detestable, others couldn't agree more. Kwame himself has sort of become his own story in all of this.

Regardless, Russell Westbrook is a grown man who is going to continue to wear whatever he wants. He has already proven in the past that he doesn't necessarily care what others think about him or his choices, and that's likely to be true in this case as well.

Westbrook is who he is, and the only thing he's worried about (besides his family) is doing what he can to help the Lakers win a Championship.