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Lakers Fans Roast Russell Westbrook For Controversial Fashion Choice

Lakers Fans Roast Russell Westbrook For Controversial Fashion Choice

Russell Westbrook is an absolute beast on the court, and there are few who can compare to his energy and passion.

Russ is also known for his rather flashy fashion choices. Over the years, Westbrook has made countless headlines for his crazy, wacky, and intriguing attire.

Recently, Westbrook captivated audiences again for a recent Twitter post, in which he captured himself wearing what seems to be a skirt.

Fans were not very kind to this look:

Russell Westbrook is an MVP and multiple-time All-Star with millions of dollars to his name. If he wants to walk around in a skirt, that's certainly his business and his right.

He also deserves some credit for being so confident about his fashion choice, no doubt knowing it would generate a pretty strong reaction from the fans.

Westbrook has never been one to care about what others have to say about him, and this is yet more evidence of that fact.

"Uh, no. ... When I got drafted in the NBA, that was me proving people wrong. ... Go to college, from the inner city, that was me proving people wrong. Just making it out the hood was proving people wrong."

In any case, Westbrook is too worried about the upcoming season to worry about how others are judging his fashion.

This upcoming campaign, the Lakers are out to prove they have what it takes to win another Championship, but it won't be easy. With many of their players being over 30, there are some major questions about whether or not they have what it takes.

But with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and (of course) Russell Westbrook, the Lakers are capable of making some serious noise.

We'll see soon enough how it all ends, and if Westbrook will continue to don his crazy fits.