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NBA Fans React To The Reunion Of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, And Dwyane Wade

NBA Fans React To The Reunion Of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, And Dwyane Wade

It feels like an eternity ago that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh were taking the court together in Miami. As three of basketball's biggest stars at the time, they formed one of the first great superteams and had plenty of success to show for it.

While their run went largely underappreciated during that time, many look back fondly at their time together at the top of the league.

Recently, the three of them made a public appearance together for Chris Bosh's Hall of Fame induction.

The reunion was an absolutely wholesome moment for the NBA community, and fans couldn't help but get a little excited at seeing the three of them together again.

At the time, the world hadn't yet seen a team so powerful. For a team to house three stars, in their prime, was quite the spectacle, and Miami was hated by both analysts and fans alike.

From their perspective, though, it was loads of fun.

“It’s that when you are younger, you don’t know all the way, you get wiser for a reason and then we were having so much fun. We were just caught up in the moment,” said Bosh.

Looking back, that whole experience was great for the NBA. The "Big Three" brought unprecedented greatness to the league, and created countless special and memorable moments throughout their run.

In four seasons together, they won 2 straight titles in four Finals appearances. They also won 27 straight games during their best stretch, one of the best streaks in NBA history.

We don't know for sure how close the three are today, but it seems they're still pretty tight from what we saw at the ceremony.

Some bonds are for life, and after achieving so much success together, it makes sense that they would stay in touch.