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Kwame Brown Goes After Stephen A. Smith: "Meet Me In Seattle Where We Can Have Mutual Combat."

Kwame Brown Goes After Stephen A. Smith- "Meet Me In Seattle Where We Can Have Mutual Combat."

One of Stephen A. Smith's most famous rants is his speech about Kwame Brown, in which he lays into the then-Lakers player for his failure to live up to expectations as the No. 1 overall pick.

The speech is years old now, but it is often still watched and remembered by the community.

So much so, in fact, that Mr. Brown has since responded. After years of hearing all the critics chirp, he finally clapped back, starting with his brutal statement to Stephen A.

“A 17, 18-year-old kid and you walk around like you’re a big tough man, you were going to college campuses speaking on teenage kids, and your only talent is knowing a bunch of big words and talking disrespectful to the children…Stephen A you bald forehead motherfucker, I don’t know why you got people thinking you’re tough saying all kinds of shit saying you can come see me, meet me in Seattle where we can have mutual combat and talk like that, it’s going to look like you got a toupee in the front of your head by how hard I’d slap you.”

Stephen A. was just one target in Kwame's speech (that included Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson), but he certainly didn't hold back.

After all those years of constant jokes and criticism regarding his career, Brown has every right to respond and go at those who have publicly spoken negatively about his NBA tenure.

Of course, threatening violence may be going a bit too far, especially since nobody has said anything bad about Brown's family, home life, or personality.

Needless to say, Brown is done holding his tongue. And those who want to speak his name best be careful they not become the next target of his rage-fueled rants.