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Kwame Brown Says Anthony Davis Is "No Leader" After Dwight Howard Altercation

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Anthony Davis

There has been a lot of scrutiny on the Los Angeles Lakers over the course of the last week, as they lost both of the games that they've played. They will face the surging Memphis Grizzlies next, and they will hope that things will turn out differently than they did the last two games.

A lot of the attention has been on star Anthony Davis, especially after his altercation with teammate Dwight Howard. It is clear that both players have made up since then though, as Dwight Howard said his beef with Anthony Davis is squashed.

Even if the two are now good with one another, former Laker Kwame Brown has recently slammed Anthony Davis, stating that he was "no leader", and said that Howard's status as a veteran should "come with a little bit of respect".

I think Anthony Davis is a very talented player. I think he is an explosive offensive player... he's a great talent. But Anthony Davis, my opinion is, you’re no leader. Because you called this man Dwight Howard your brother? Let me explain what you just did for your brother. Dwight Howard is a veteran in this league. OK? That should come with a little bit of respect. Dwight Howard played over 15 years now?

You’re not running up on no god d–n rookie.You running up on a grown a– man. What I saw was a man trying to assert his leadership... but he did it like a boy. You don't really know how to talk to people... The moment you’d walk up to me and you put your hand on my chest, hitting my chest. We ain’t talking about basketball no more.

Lakers fans will hope that the Los Angeles Lakers can put this incident behind them. The goal is to come together to win a championship, and it's clear that everyone on the team needs to buy in and play their part.

Perhaps we'll see things improve for the Los Angeles Lakers, and hopefully, we see Anthony Davis lead the Lakers to the playoffs. Winning solves a lot of issues, and the Lakers have enough talent to win.