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Video: Anthony Davis And Dwight Howard Got Into Altercation On Lakers Bench During Suns Game

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Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard

There are times where games get heated, and there's no question that there will be instances that teammates argue with one another. Sometimes things can go further than just a verbal argument as well. It seems as though that has recently happened to the Los Angeles Lakers.

A recent video shared by Rob Perez showed Lakers big men Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard get into a minor physical altercation with one another. According to the broadcast, it seems as though Anthony Davis began the argument, and got physical when Dwight Howard tried to get up from his seat. The duo had to be separated from one another by their teammates, which is evidenced in the video.

Things like this will happen, but it's certainly discouraging to see it happen so early to a potential contender like the Los Angeles Lakers. The team has championship aspirations, and hopefully, this scuffle isn't a sign of chemistry issues. However, chemistry isn't built overnight, and it's obvious that the team needs some time to gel and come together before we make any conclusions.

The Los Angeles Lakers are integrating a lot of new faces, and it's clear that fans need to be patient with them. The team signed a lot of talented veterans such as Carmelo Anthony and Malik Monk but talent alone doesn't always guarantee a championship. It's a long road still until the Lakers get to their peak version of themselves, but surely, under the guidance of a leader like LeBron James, they will be able to do so.

Hopefully, we see things turn for the better for the Los Angeles Lakers, and it was clear that they have struggled during their game against the Phoenix Suns. There were plenty of people who have thrown shade at the 2021-22 Lakers even prior to the start of the season, and this recent game against the Suns will only add fuel to the fire. Perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers will eventually be able to prove them wrong.