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Damian Lillard Shared A List Of NBA Snubs: Dwight Howard And Vince Carter Are Included

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Damian Lillard's snubs

With every all-time list, people are going to have their preferences on who they believe are the greatest players. Everyone's opinions are different, and it's clear that every list is subjective.

The same can be said for the recently revealed NBA All-Time 75 list, which has certainly drawn a lot of scrutiny from fans and players alike. There were definitely some prominent players that were left off.

Damian Lillard has been the latest person to comment on players who were snubbed from the list. Lillard was particularly surprised that legends Dwight Howard, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, and Alex English were omitted. Lillard also shared that it was a "great honor" to be selected to the list, but also pointed out that he was the "shortest tenured and the youngest" player on the list.

It’s a great honor. Being included among the best of the best across the whole history of the NBA. … I appreciate it, but I’ve got a lot I still need to accomplish.

Out of all the players on there, I think I was the shortest tenured and the youngest. But I’m not the one making the list.

There has been a lot of talk about Dwight Howard being snubbed in particular, with some fans asking why he wasn't included and Damian Lillard was. Damian Lillard does have Dwight Howard as a snub on his list, so he recognizes that the big man should have made the cut. Even if there are complaints about Damian Lillard being on the list, it's clear that he is a fantastic player, and he certainly has an argument.

Damian Lillard does mention that he has a lot he still needs to accomplish, and perhaps some more accolades can show fans that he did deserve to be on the list. A lot of people focus on awards as part of their criteria. It remains to be seen if Damian Lillard will be able to improve his resume, but he certainly has aspirations of accomplishing more than he has.