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Kyle Kuzma Destroys NBA Analysts In Latest Tweet: "Too Many Clowns And Thirst..."

Kyle Kuzma

Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma was enjoying NFL football Sunday, just like millions of Americans across the country.

While watching the game, and the analysts who were there to break it all down, Kuz couldn't help but point out the difference between NFL coverage and what we get over in the NBA.

In a short but strong Tweet, he took a jab at the current state of NBA journalism, calling out analysts for being "clowns."

“NFL player turned analyst maturity level talking about & analyzing their respected sport is far superior to the NBA guys..,” said Kyle Kuzma. “too many clowns and thirst.. those guys help you understand the sport.”

This is obviously not the first time the NBA media has been criticized for their coverage of the sport. Today, it is often that analysts and insiders talk about what happens behind the scenes instead of what happens on the court.

Often, analysts resort to criticizing players instead of truly breaking down the game.

TNT's notorious "Inside the NBA" show is known for their flamboyant coverage of ball, and have even been blasted in the past for not bothering to go in-depth on the game

"It's a horrible look for the league to have your flagship halftime pre-game show dislike the league their covering, hate the modern players, talk sh*t about them, and actually not watch anything."

From the players' perspective, the media can be combative, disrespectful, and downright ridiculous at times. The spread of false stories and fake narratives have become a common practice.

Still, without the media, Kyle Kuzma wouldn't have the platform he does today, and that he enjoyed so much more while he was in Los Angeles.

Love it or hate it, the NBA needs the media, as it's a way for the fans to connect to their favorite players in ways they never could.