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Kyle Lowry Has Signed With The Miami Heat In Sign-And-Trade With Raptors

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Kyle Lowry has finished his career in Toronto as one of the legends for the Raptors franchise. Kyle Lowry helped the team win a championship during the 2018-19 season, and his name is all over the Raptors' record books. However, it seems as though his time in Toronto has come to an end.

It has recently been reported that Kyle Lowry has chosen to join the Miami Heat in free agency. There have been a lot of prior reports linking the 6-time All-Star to the Heat, and it seems as though that move has become a reality, with reports indicating he has reached a three-year deal with the team.

On the Miami Heat, Kyle Lowry will get the opportunity to play on a team that was just in the NBA Finals not too long ago. Lowry is a point guard who can score and run the offense, and he'll take over some of the playmaking duties on the team, lessening the offensive load on Jimmy Butler. The Miami Heat clearly needed reinforcements after this season's playoffs, and it seems as though they have got someone that can help the team.

It remains to be seen if this Miami Heat team will end up making the NBA Finals once again. The Eastern Conference is tougher now, especially with the big three of James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving that is located in Brooklyn. 

It seems as though the Miami Heat aren't scared of this, however, as their acquisition of Kyle Lowry shows that they're willing to compete during the present, while Jimmy Butler is still in his prime. 

Only time will tell how well they do, but Kyle Lowry is a proven winner who knows how to do so at the highest level of basketball.