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Kyrie Irving Confirms He Will Re-Sign With Nets: “There’s No Way I’m Leaving My Man #7 Anywhere.”

Kyrie Irving Confirms He Will Re-Sign With Nets: “There’s No Way I’m Leaving My Man #7 Anywhere.”

The Brooklyn Nets are getting more good news this week, as Kyrie Irving is finally playing home games with the team after the city of New York allowed athletes and entertainers to take part in games even if they aren't vaccinated. 

The point guard is ready to face the remainder of the season to try and see if he can win a championship with the Brooklynites. His addition is key for the team, especially now that the 2022 NBA playoffs are getting closer. Having Irving and Ben Simmons on the court is a must for this team if they want to win the title, and Kyrie is embracing the challenge. 

Moreover, he's ready to stay with the squad for the long term, as he recently suggested. According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, the 2016 NBA champion has stated he won't leave Kevin Durant alone. 

“There’s no way I’m leaving my man #7 anywhere," he was quoted as saying by Bondy. 

Kevin Durant agreed to stay with the team for the long run, and it was expected that James Harden would do the same before he forced another trade and joined the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Ben Simmons. 

Kyrie was the other piece that needed to sign a contract extension and everything points out he's set to stay put in Brooklyn. He has been a controversial figure for the Nets, but things seem to be getting better now. Kyrie has shown his best level in recent games, recording two 50+ point games in March, confirming that he's a key player if the team wants to win it all. 

The star duo that they signed in 2019 is ready to stay together for many years. That's exactly what the front office wanted and now we have to wait and see what Durant, Irving, and hopefully Simmons can do together.