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Kyrie Irving Says He's 'Protected By God' Amid COVID-19 Vaccine Drama

NBA Rumors- Boston Celtics Concerned At Players' Indifference Towards Kyrie Irving Stomping On Logo

Kyrie Irving keeps making headlines with his refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The 2016 NBA champion is yet to take the shot, or he'll miss home games for the Brooklyn Nets. 

New York City rules won't allow him to play with the team, which has set the alarms for the organization. When inquired about his decision, Kyrie asked people to respect his privacy while he worked on a solution with the team. 

He didn't explain why he made that decision but recently sent a message that could reveal why he's not convinced of getting the vaccine. Irving is seemingly crediting the Lord for his refusal to take the shot. 

“I am protected by God and so are my people,” Irving tweeted on Saturday. “We stand together.”

It's unclear who he refers to with 'my people,' but Kyrie sounds very confident. Of course, his words sparked a variety of reactions from people criticizing or blasting him for his antics. 

Irving has been a polarizing and controversial figure for quite some time now. Even when it looks like he's starting to do things right, something comes up and makes him the target of fans and media. 

Hopefully, the Nets can find a solution to this problem. They are favorites to win the NBA title next year, and Kyrie will be crucial to do so. If he can't play at home, then the job will be more demanding for them.