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Lakers Fans Are Pissed Off After Team Blows Lead To The Wizards: "How Y'all Lose To The Tanking Wizards Without Kuzma And Beal?"

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LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have been an inconsistent team all season, and there's no doubt that they didn't live up to the expectations that many placed on them prior to the season. 

Even though they got a very inspiring win against the Toronto Raptors, the Los Angeles Lakers ended up losing to the Washington Wizards. This was a game that they in theory should have won, as the Washington Wizards were without Bradley Beal or Kyle Kuzma. 

A lot of Lakers fans were angry with the loss. There have been many frustrating losses such as these, where the Lakers seemed to be in control but ended up losing after a poor defensive performance. The Lakers notably had a 6 point lead going into the 4th quarter. Notably, a lot of fans criticized coach Frank Vogel for losing a winnable game.

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LeBron James ended up becoming 2nd in all-time scoring during the game, and the fans were definitely happy to see that. However, this is yet another disappointing loss for the Los Angeles Lakers, and as of right now there's a chance that they could fall to the 10th seed in the future.

To be fair to the Los Angeles Lakers, they are missing superstar big man Anthony Davis, who provides value to the team on both ends of the floor, but especially on the defensive end. Hopefully, we see him get healthy by the time the playoffs roll around, as the Los Angeles Lakers will certainly need him.

The goal for the Los Angeles Lakers at this point will be to simply make the playoffs. It is clear that they're not championship contenders, and it's hard to imagine them winning a series against the Phoenix Suns. Hopefully, though, we see the team finish the season strong, and a team led by LeBron James should never be underestimated no matter what their regular-season record is.