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Lakers Fans Upset Again After Team Loses 3rd Straight Game

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The Lakers are winless since the All-Star break. After Tuesday night's loss against the Mavericks, the Purple and Gold have lost 3 straight and are just 3-7 in their last 10.

After fighting to claw their way back into the game, it almost seemed like a miracle was taking place before the Mavs took over down the stretch and put their opponents to bed.

Fans were, understandably, upset and made sure to show it on Twitter.

The situation is getting ugly in L.A. An All-Star weekend that was supposed to be a reset for the team was only a small break from the suffering.

In fact, they look worse now than they ever have been, and it's no surprise why fans have had enough.

And now, all around the league, there are even calls for LeBron James to leave the Lakers for good.

"Should LeBron consider wanting out of the Lakers? Sure he should. I don't think he will, but he should. LeBron delivered a championship, and last time I checked, he's playing like an MVP candidate. The one person who should never be booed by the Los Angeles Lakers fans is LeBron James. No matter how bad it is, no matter how good it is. This man has been a model of consistency, professionalism, and greatness for the Los Angeles Lakers. I think we all can look at LeBron's play on the court. If you wanted to get on him for the roster, that's a different matter. But looking at LeBron James' play on the court, can we seriously sit here and look at him and find fault with how he has played? I can't. I've watched him, all year long, and I'm not saying he's perfect every moment because of course he's not. But, you talk about a dude who's playing hard, is going all out and producing digits. 29, 6 and 7. I mean, that's what he's averaging, on 51.9% of shooting, on nearly 35% shooting from 3-point range, at age 37 in his 19th season, half the time without Anthony Davis. This is not the person the Los Angeles Lakers fanbase should be booing because he commited a turnover. Mind your manners and watch yourselves, because LeBron has not cheated you. Remember where you were before he arrived and what you accomplished within two years after his arrival."

Whatever the case, Lakers Nation is in a dark place right now and there is no telling when the bleeding will stop.

As LeBron James and Russell Westbrook attempt to regroup before Thursday, it will be interesting to see what the fans and media have to say about their current situation.

Their last hope for redemption is Anthony Davis, who isn't due back until mid-April. Perhaps his return will finally turn things around...