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Lakers Get Trolled By Fans After Suffering Blowout Loss To Suns

LeBron James On The Lakers’ Scoring Problems: “We Just Have To Make Shots. It’s Not Rocket Science. Just Make Shots.”

Following a pair of 50-point games from LeBron James, there was a sense amongst the NBA community that things were changing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sadly, their game on Sunday night proved that idea to be false. The Lakers got blown off the floor by the Phoenix Suns, giving up a 26 point lead by the end of the first quarter before losing the game by 29 (140-111).

During the game, and after the buzzer, Lakers fans and haters once again took to Twitter to troll the state of the ball club.

The Purple and Gold are 29-38 this season and 9th in the Western Conference standings. Despite the best efforts of LeBron James, his team is just not good enough to compete against the powerhouses.

Still, there is some tiny bit of faith that the Lakers can make something of the season.

“The no. 2 seed is the Memphis Grizzlies. If you're the Los Angeles Lakers and you're battling for the play-in spot, if the Los Angeles Lakers are lucky enough to win the play-in and find themselves as a 7th seed, that's who they go up against," said Stephen A. Smith.

I know the Lakers have no business being favorites. I know they've been trash all season. But in the end, if LeBron is LeBron and Anthony Davis comes back healthy, can we definitively say they can’t win a first-round series against Memphis!?”

With just a small chunk of the season left to go, the Lakers are running out of time to get their act together, and they risk falling out of the play-ins completely if they keep losing games at their current rate.

But with LeBron James looking this good, and Anthony Davis preparing for his return, it's impossible to count them out completely.

Let's just hope better days are ahead.