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Michael Wilbon Goes Off On Kevin Durant In Epic Rant: "The Vaccine Is Not About Attention. People Died, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Them.”

Michael Wilbon Goes Off On Kevin Durant In Epic Rant: "The Vaccine Is Not About Attention. People Died, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Them.”

Almost six months after the start of the season, the Kyrie Irving saga rages on in Brooklyn. Despite many of New York City's COVID-19 mandates being lifted, Irving is still not yet eligible to play at home this season, and it could stay what way for a while.

In response to some growing backlash against Irving, Kevin Durant recently came to his defense, calling out New York City and Mayor Eric Adams for what he calls a "confusing" set of rules.

"It's ridiculous," Durant said. "I don't understand it at all. I don't get it. It just feels like, at this point now, somebody's trying to make a statement or point to flex their authority. Everybody out here is looking for attention."

You can't blame Durant for backing up his guy here, but perhaps there was a better way to do it.

Amid shock and outrage at KD's comments, ESPN broadcaster Michael Wilbon unleashed on the 2x Champion in an angry rant on live television.

"Kevin Durant is too aware and too plugged-in to say something that impertinent. What's the point of that? Want's some attention? You wanna call out somebody, call out your teammate. Tell him to get a shot. He's got plenty of them cause he couldn't have gone to grade school in metropolitan New York without the vaccine.

All these guys wanna be so irresponsible and not accountable enough to look at this dude and tell him 'you wanna play with us, put a shot in your arm.' The vaccine is not about attention, people died, hundreds of thousands of them from this virus. And you think the Mayor of New York needs to attend to a basketball team's needs, your needs, before the needs of the largest city in America? Are you kidding me? There are some knuckleheads who would say something like this and I'd probably let it go. Kevin Durant is too smart and too plugged in. Everybody wants to tell you how woke they are, and then I have to hear something like that? That's offensive, stop.”

It's clear the whole situation has everyone on edge, and Wilbon resonated with a lot of viewers with his statement.

At the end of the day, the decision ultimately falls to Kyrie Irving on whether or not he will play this season. New York City has to do what they believe is best for their city. Ir Kyrie wants to be there for his squad as a full-time player, he's going to have to play by his city's rules and get the vaccine like millions of others have had to do.

His mind is likely already made up, but there's always a chance something could change in the next few days or weeks.