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Lakers Head Coach Frank Vogel Says Russell Westbrook Had His Best Game As A Laker Against The Bucks

Frank Vogel Believes Russell Westbrook "Trying To Create And Play Unselfishly Too Much" Caused His Turnovers In Preseason Game

Los Angeles Lakers started their five-game road trip at Fiserv Forum against the Milwaukee Bucks, which ended in a narrow 109-102 loss. While a second consecutive loss is less than ideal, there were a lot of positives to take from the game.

Lakers head coach Frank Vogel spoke on Russell Westbrook's performance after the game and was impressed with his display on the floor. According to Vogel, that was Russ' best game since he donned a Lakers jersey.

"I do think we are really benefiting from the offensive space, got a ton of great looks at the 3-point line. I think Russell Westbrook had his best game as a Laker tonight with 15 assists to 3 turnovers...and clearly, he is benefiting from that space and AD is as well."

Despite the loss, Vogel, albeit disappointed, had nothing but praises for his players.

"A lot of positives, disappointed that we didn't pull it out, disappointed in some of the calls we got, but that's to be expected down the stretch."

As expected, it was a mixed reaction from fans as some did not agree with Vogel. While many believed Westbrook had a great game, others are still not convinced that the hype behind Mr. Triple-double is warranted.

"He’s right. He only had like 1 stupid turnover tonight."

"I do understand that some people on here are going to be repeating, “This team can’t win without Lebron”, and I think it’s just important to remind those people that that is why they have Lebron."

"I tuned in for one play where Westbrook couldn't beat Grayson Allen off the dribble. I had to turn it off after that."

"The Lakers are slowing figuring it out, they just need to bring the effort."

"Ya was a good game from him tonight."

"Well, rightfully I guess he was good."

"Westbrook is an amazing player and when this team is fully healthy later in the season they will be fine."

"Best game of year = loss. Sounds like Westbrook."

"Westbrook dumbest player I ever saw."

"Sad when your coach praises you for a performance that should be common. I was never a fan of Westbrook. I think he is possibly the most overrated player in history. His MVP was a bad call. He is a choke artist. Kevin Durant should have averaged over 40 consistently at OKC. That his coach now had to acknowledge that he played like a starter, much less a star, should be a sign to all that the end is here."

Although Talen Horton-Tucker was the best player for the Lakers with 25 points and 12 rebounds, Westbrook had a good game, especially considering his turnover rate. He finished the game with 19 points, 15 assists, four rebounds, and only three turnovers.