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LaMarcus Aldridge On The Midrange Shot: "The Midrange Is Considered A Bad Shot. I Got 19,000 Points Off The Midrange... I Don't Believe You."

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LaMarcus Aldridge

In this prime, LaMarcus Aldridge was considered one of the best big men in the game. He was a master in the post, and his midrange game was sublime. He was selected to 7 All-Star teams and 5 All-NBA teams, and it's clear that he was a great talent.

While the midrange was a key part of Aldridge's game, in the modern game, it is a shot that's generally viewed as subpar. The logic for that is as simple as saying 3 points is more than 2 points. If you're shooting from the perimeter, it makes sense that you'd want more points by stepping out from beyond the arc.

With that being said, some players are more comfortable with shooting from the midrange area. It makes sense that a great midrange shooter would prefer a shot that they're prolific at. It seems as though LaMarcus Aldridge is one of those players, even if he's able to step out and shoot from the 3PT range. 

LaMarcus Aldridge referenced the fact that he scored 19,000 points off the midrange, and it's obvious that he doesn't believe it's a "bad shot". There's certainly some value to being able to make shots from the midrange area, especially as the game gets tight in the 4th quarter. The ability to get to your spots is important, and that's why players like Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant still incorporate midrange shots into their game.

There is no question that LaMarcus Aldridge isn't going to be asked to create his own shot that often on the Brooklyn Nets. He is definitely going to be put into a smaller role, similar to what he was doing with the Nets prior to his retirement last season. Aldridge returned to the NBA to pursue a championship, and part of that is being able to sacrifice. Aldridge has been very solid so far, and let's hope that his good play continues.