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LaMelo Ball Answers Who Would Win 1-On-1 Game Between Michael Jordan And LaVar Ball: 'That Is My Pops And My Boss, So I'm On Both Sides Now'

Credit: Bleacher Report

Credit: Bleacher Report

LaVar Ball issued a challenge for Michael Jordan in 2018, claiming he would have beaten MJ in his prime in a one-on-one game. Now that LaMelo, the youngest son of LaVar, is part of the Charlotte Hornets after being selected 3rd overall in this year's NBA draft.

NBA fans are wondering what is going to happen with LaVar and MJ this season, but nothing points out that this is actually going to take place. During his introduction to the press, LaMelo was asked about who he believes would win in a 1-on-1 game between his dad and Jordan, and he hilariously responds that he's on both sides now.

“I don't think it's gonna happen. And I think we know how it would turn out, to be honest...but I mean that is my pops and my boss, so I'm on both sides now."

He had a polite answer to this but also mentioned what we all think about this. LaVar has nothing to do with MJ and that is clear as water. Back in 2018, after Ball made those claims, MJ replied to them, reminding everybody how bad the Ball family patriarch was during college.

“You got to understand the source. I think he played college, maybe? He averaged 2.2 points a game. Really? It doesn’t deserve a response, but I’mma give it to you because you asked the question,” Jordan said, via Ryne Nelson of Slam Online. “I don’t think he could beat me if I was one-legged.”

Melo is receiving good news this week. Recently, 2K21 dropped a big roster update and the newest member of the Hornets saw his rating. He is tied with his brother Lonzo with a 77 OVR rating. However, Lonzo has way more medals than LaMelo, who only has four gold ones.

It's time to see another member of the Ball family in the NBA and find out if he will have the same career as his oldest brother.