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LaMelo Ball Believes He's Better Than Lonzo Ball: "We Got Some Similarities, But Then We Also Got A Lot Of Differences. I Think The Difference Is, I’m Better."

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LaMelo Ball Says He's Better Than His Brother Lonzo- "It's Just A Fact."

LaMelo Ball and Lonzo Ball are a brother duo in the NBA, and both of them seem like promising young point guards. Lonzo Ball has recently signed a lucrative deal with the Chicago Bulls, and LaMelo Ball won the Rookie of the Year award this season. It looks as though things are going well for the Ball family in terms of basketball.

With the amazing rookie year that LaMelo Ball has had with the Charlotte Hornets, many have asked which Ball brother is the better player, LaMelo or Lonzo. There are many people that are high on both brothers, with players such as Paul George suggesting that both have the potential to be star players this season. In a recent GQ Sports video, LaMelo Ball went undercover on social media and answered a question on Quora about who the better player is, confidently claiming that he is the better Ball brother.

I'm gonna go with LaMelo Ball is better. It's just a fact. That's it. All right. Play style different? We got some similarities, but then we also got a lot of differences. I think the difference is, I'm better. That's just my opinion.

There is no doubt that LaMelo Ball has no shortage of confidence, and he'll certainly need to be confident in his abilities if he wants to develop into a star. LaMelo Ball is one of the most promising prospects in recent memory, and he could turn out to be really special. However, there's no doubt that Lonzo Ball isn't a bad player either, as he is a solid guard who can be a playmaker for others and defend well. Lonzo Ball's jumper has also improved drastically during his time in New Orleans as well.

There's still a lot of time left in both Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball's careers, and only time will tell which will become the better player. What's undeniable though, is that both brothers have great playmaking ability, and the potential to be good for years to come.