LeBron And Dwyane Wade Are Dying At Lance Stephenson’s New ‘Sugar Daddy Haircut’

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(via Instagram/Lance Stephenson)

(via Instagram/Lance Stephenson)

Lance Stephenson has always been an interesting character. During his playing days, he made a living as a playmaker and defensive pest for his teams, and he often resorted to interesting methods to try and get the better of his opponents.

He hasn't stepped on the court since the 2018-19 season, but Stephenson hasn't lost a bit of that electric personality NBA fans loved so much.

On Instagram, he posted a photo of himself (with a filter on) with bald hair and smooth, shiny skin, calling it a "Sugar Daddy" cut in the caption. Many in the community found it amusing, including LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, who were laughing in the comment section.

Of course, reactions from the fans were pretty great as well.

From the bald head to the sparkling eyes, Lance looks like a dude who is out there living his best life. And, despite his current hiatus from the NBA, he's still finding ways to have a great time and make the internet laugh.