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LeBron James' Agent, Rich Paul, Reportedly Worth $100 Million

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Perhaps nothing is indicative of LeBron James' success than the net worth of his agent, Rich Paul. The 38-year-old, who is also the founder and President of Klutch Sports, is apparently worth upwards of $100 million.

(via International Business Times)

LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul has an estimated net worth of $100 million...

Paul is a close friend of James, but his rise to the top did not happen overnight. The Cleveland native earned his stripes under Leon Rose, the former agent of James. When “The King” left Rose in 2012, he joined his friend’s new agency, Klutch Sports Group. The partnership would eventually grow into something bigger than anyone would have expected.

In 2019, Paul was ranked 19th on Forbes' list of highest-earning sports agents in the world. He earned $32.6 million in commissions from deals he negotiated. The total value of the contracts he secured last year is estimated to be around $800 million.

Paul is one of LBJ's closest and most trusted allies. The two met in Atlanta back when LeBron was still in High School.

"James, captivated by Paul’s Warren Moon throwback jersey, asked where he got it. It turned out that Paul was selling jerseys out of the trunk of his car and was going to Atlanta to buy more," wrote the New York Times. "He gave James his connection in Atlanta, and he told him to drop his name for a discount, and then went on his way."

Obviously, representing LeBron earned him worldwide fame -- and a whole lot of fortune.

While Paul's empire has drawn a lot of criticism recently, it seems his involvement in the NBA is just beginning. In another ten years, who knows what the guy, and Klutch Sports, will be worth.