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LeBron James' Big Praise For Alex Caruso: "He’s Just Smart. Knows What We Want Him To Do. Always In The Right Place At The Right Time."

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

LeBron James had nothing but praise for Alex Caruso after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors in the play-in tournament. The guard was, once again, beneficial for his team, dropping 14 points to lead them to a 103-100 victory. 

After the match was over, the King reflected on how valuable Caruso is and what the Lakers expect from him from now on. The playoffs are about to start for them and having Caruso playing at this level will be very important. 

“His attention to detail. He’s just smart. Knows what we want him to do. Always in the right place at the right time. He just makes plays. Some in the box score, some don’t. (Tonight they did).”

Meanwhile, Caruso praised his team, saying the staff they have is pretty good and the Lakers look like the team that won the championship last year. Alex is ready to do the job and help his team win games until they defend the title. 

“We got a good ass team, like I told you a couple weeks ago," he said. 

Just like last year, this guy will be the X-Factor for the Lakers. Even though LeBron James and Anthony Davis are their biggest figures, what Caruso brings to the table is extremely important for the purple and gold. 

The little details and things that this man brings to the team will be extremely important for Frank Vogel and co.