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LeBron James Catches Heat After Elbowing Isaiah Stewart: "That Was Dirty As Hell!"

LeBron James

Very few players in the world have as much fame and fortune as LeBron James.

As the NBA's shining star, and their most recognizable face, it's very rare that he finds himself in hot water with the league.

Unfortunately, the 4x MVP is finding himself in that situation now, having to answer for his role in what was nearly a modern-day repeat of the "Malice at the Palace" incident from years ago.

James got kicked from the game for his involvement in a rather brutal and intense altercation during the game.

It happened late in the third quarter after James elbowed Pistons player Isaiah Stewart in the face.

Unlike with many situations like this, there is no question that LeBron James started it. It was his elbow flying into Isaiah Stewart's face that sparked the whole altercation.

The question is, was it just an inadvertent swipe, or (as many fans are calling it) a blatant cheap shot caught on camera? On Twitter, many came to the conclusion themselves, finding "King" James guilty

This is just one of a number of intense altercations this season alone, with the most recent (and extreme) coming earlier this month when Nikola Jokic shoved Markieff Morris to the floor.

During the matchup between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat, Nikola Jokic got ejected for shoving Markieff Morris, after the two traded fouls earlier. There's no doubt that the ejection was justified based on the footage, and it's clear that Nikola Jokic's frustration simply boiled over the top.

For LeBron, though, this type of thing isn't what we're used to seeing from him. As someone who does a good job avoiding controversies, it's not often that he gets tangled up in stuff like this.

Nevertheless, these things happen and James may have to answer for his questionable play (dirty or not) with a suspension from the league.

As for Stewart, well, he'll get his chance for revenge next week, when the Pistons face the Lakers again in Staples Center.