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LeBron James Confirms His Commitment To The Lakers When Asked About His Contract Extension: "I Came Here Because I Believed In The Franchise, And I’m Still Here. It’s Literally That Simple."

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LeBron James joined the Lakers in a move that many considered to be him going to Los Angeles to retire back in 2018. The King had just lost a second consecutive NBA Finals with Cleveland to the Golden State Warriors, and he was fast aging out of his prime, or so people thought. Additionally, LeBron's focus on his businesses and other projects was considered to be a large reason for his thought process. 

But James quickly put any doubts about his motivation to join the Lakers to rest. After a season outside the playoffs, he pushed for Anthony Davis to be acquired, which quickly led to a championship for the franchise in 2020. And although things have looked worse for the team in the two seasons since then, no one can doubt that James still wants to win. 

However, it's that desire to win that made people question if he would stay with the Lakers for the foreseeable future considering the situation of their roster. But LeBron ended that speculation as well when he signed a new 2-year contract extension with the team. The King is here to stay, and it seems like he's on a mission to reclaim his crown this season. 

LeBron James Reaffirmed His Commitment To The Lakers

Understandably, LeBron was asked about his long-term plan with the Lakers considering the speculation around his future. And the King simply confirmed matter-of-factly that he still believes in the franchise and the direction they are headed in. 

"I came here because I believe in this franchise and I'm still here. It's literally that simple. I'm committed to the franchise. I look forward to get going tomorrow and start another season for the Lakers franchise."

These words will be refreshing for Lakers fans to hear, many of whom will have wondered how long they will have King James considering his desire to play with his sons. But LBJ, while being someone that has left franchises in the past, doesn't quite leave until he's satisfied that he can't do more there, and it doesn't feel like he's done with the Lakers just yet. 

James is on track to break some big records in the coming season, and while doing so, he will also be hoping to win his 5th championship. More rings are the only way to truly improve his case to be the GOAT, and while it won't be easy, there's no one that would write LeBron James off just yet.