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LeBron James Has Been Suspended One Game After His Mid-Game Scuffle With Isaiah Stewart, Who Will Be Suspended For Two Games

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LeBron James Doesn't Think He Should Have Been Suspended For Hitting Isaiah Stewart

LeBron James was involved in a mid-game physical altercation with center Isaiah Stewart during the Los Angeles Lakers' recent matchup against the Detroit Pistons. Many speculated on what sort of punishment James and Stewart would receive for their roles in the mid-game scuffle.

It seems as though both players will face a suspension. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN recently reported that LeBron James will be suspended for one game, while Isaiah Stewart will miss two.

Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart will be suspended two games for his role in the roughhousing with LeBron James on Sunday. James was suspended one game.

James will miss Tuesday's game against the Knicks at MSG.

The Athletic's Shams Charania later revealed the precise explanations for each suspension, with Stewart being suspended for "escalating an on-court altercation" and "aggressively pursuing" LeBron James, while James got fined for the original action of "recklessly hitting Stewart in the face and initiating an on-court altercation".

NBA: Stewart's suspension was for "escalating an on-court altercation by repeatedly and aggressively pursuing (James) in an unsportsmanlike manner."

James serves suspension Tuesday vs. Knicks for "recklessly hitting Stewart in the face and initiating an on-court altercation."

The league has decided on its punishment, and hopefully, we don't see similar incidents happen in the future. Hopefully, the suspension provides a clear deterrent for both players repeating those actions.

The Los Angeles Lakers will miss LeBron James for their matchup against the New York Knicks, and that is certainly a blow. However, the team does have enough to be competitive against the Knicks, and perhaps we'll see Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis lead the team to a win.