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LeBron James Has Entered Health And Safety Protocols And Will Be Out Against The Sacramento Kings

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With LeBron James' return from an abdominal injury, the Los Angeles Lakers have looked like a better team. However, it seems as though LeBron James will be missing some more time in the near future.

Shams Charania of The Athletic has recently revealed that LeBron James will be out due to entering health and safety protocols. Entering health and safety protocols means that the absence will be COVID-19 related. It seems as though LeBron James will be missing a few games

There is no further information on LeBron James' situation at this time. Perhaps an update will be provided in the future. This absence is certainly extremely unfortunate for LeBron James, and hopefully, he gets well soon.

The Los Angeles Lakers will need to be able to win tonight's game and potentially future games without LeBron James. James is a versatile player who is crucial to what the Lakers do on both ends, but a team with Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis leading the charge should be able to string some wins together simply based on their talent.

The Los Angeles Lakers have not been consistent this year, and LeBron James' absence due to injury has contributed to that. Another long-term absence from James gives the Los Angeles Lakers yet another challenge, and we'll see if they are able to overcome this obstacle.