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LeBron James Is 'Extremely Happy' On The Lakers Despite Recent Struggles: "He And His Family, By All Accounts, Have Grown Increasingly Entrenched In Southern California Since James Signed With The Lakers In The Summer Of 2018."

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LeBron James has had ups and downs during his 4-year stay in Los Angeles. The Lakers have gone from missing the playoffs, to winning the 2020 NBA championships, to a first-round elimination in 2021, and then to missing the playoffs last season. They've made some changes that didn't work and now are trying to fix that. 

Meanwhile, they're trying to keep James happy, and it seems like they're doing it. Even though things haven't gone in his favor the last two seasons, LeBron James is said to be 'extremely happy' on the Lakers and he's not thinking about anything else now. 

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the King and his family have had a blast in Southern California, and ever since they moved there from Cleveland, things have only gotten better for them. 

“Sources briefed on the matter stress that James is extremely happy in Los Angeles despite the Lakers’ back-to-back rocky seasons,” Stein wrote. “He and his family, by all accounts, have grown increasingly entrenched in Southern California since James signed with the Lakers in the summer of 2018.”

It's good to see that Bron is still happy to be with the Purple and Gold despite all the issues they've faced in the past two years. As long as they have LeBron, they will stand a chance, but some changes need to be made to put this team in a favorable position to win the championship. 

Amid all the drama surrounding Russell Westbrook, LeBron James is living a happy life, hoping that his team can do what they need to do to assemble a competitive squad. Meanwhile, he'll keep enjoying the Hollywood lifestyle with his family, as they've gotten used to that very well.