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LeBron James Is Only 104 Points Away From Being The NBA's All-Time Leading Scorer In Regular Season And Playoffs Combined

Anonymous Lakers Member Sends Disappointing Message About The Los Angeles Lakers And LeBron James: "Everyday LeBron Is Out, We Sink."

LeBron James has been one of the best players in NBA history throughout his career. James entered the NBA as just a teenager and has been spectacular for the entire time he has been in the league. James has been a great scorer for his entire career, and he is very close to a historic milestone.

After his latest showing against the Brooklyn Nets, where he scored 33 points, James is now just 104 points away from surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the most points scored in NBA history across the regular season and the playoffs. James is currently sitting at 44,045 points, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has 44,149 points.

James could easily surpass Kareem before the end of this month. On top of that, James is also on track to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the NBA's all-time scoring leader. But not everyone is happy about this, with Skip Bayless slamming LeBron James for becoming a stat-chaser like his Lakers' teammate Russell Westbrook.

LeBron James has been incredible over this last run. He has been the one shining light for the Lakers over this stretch, scoring and performing at an extremely high level. But the Lakers have not been capitalizing on his performances, as they are struggling this season.

The Lakers' latest win against the Brooklyn Nets puts them at the 500 mark. And they are yet to go on any kind of run that warrants the championship favorites status they were given at the start of the NBA season. But fans were still happy with the way the Lakers played, getting to see LeBron James play alongside Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook

Anthony Davis spoke after his return from injury about playing with LeBron James, noting how fun it is to play with him while he is in his current form. Davis' return will be a welcome sight for the Lakers, who have struggled on the defensive end quite a bit.