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LeBron James Isn't Worried About Large Workload This Season: "I Was 18 Years Old Saving A Franchise..."

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LeBron James

LeBron James has had incredible longevity, and it's amazing that he is still playing at a superstar level offensively. Currently, LeBron James is putting up 29.0 PPG, 7.7 RPG, and 6.3 APG.

Despite his stellar play, there have been some concerns about his workload this season. LeBron James is 37, but he is still carrying immense offensive responsibility for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Recently though, LeBron James has brushed off any concerns about his workload when speaking to the media. James claimed that he's in "one of the best zones offensively" currently, and quipped that he was "18 years old saving a franchise", so he doesn't "understand" the workload concerns.

I don't need to score 30 a night... I'm in one of the best zones offensively in my career and I don't plan on stopping it. That's just how I feel, I feel fantastic. I'm shooting the ball extremely well from the field. I didn't shoot the 3 ball well tonight, but all 8 of them felt great. I'm shooting efficiently from the FT line, I'm shooting efficiently from the field. Very efficient at the rim...I just play the game... I was 18 years old saving a franchise so I don't understand.

There is no doubt that superstars like LeBron James are generally confident in their abilities, and LeBron James is certainly doing all he can for the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he definitely could use some offensive help, and Anthony Davis returning will certainly provide an extra scorer who can help make life easier for him on the offensive end.

LeBron James is definitely a versatile player who can be a top-tier scorer while being a pass-first forward. He generally adapts to the situation and the Lakers' current situation requires him to take on an immense offensive workload. Hopefully, we see him be able to have less responsibility once the Lakers get fully healthy.