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LeBron James On Him And Tom Brady: "We Have One Common Goal And That's To Win And Win At The Highest Level."

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

With Tom Brady headed to his 10th Super Bowl, at 43-years-old, fans around the country are praising him for his amazing durability and incredible longevity.

While LeBron James hasn't seen quite as many moons, what he has been able to do at 36 is similarly unprecedented in today's NBA. And, following the Lakers' 96-95 win over the Celtics on Saturday, "King" James spoke a bit about the comparison between him and Brady.

Father Time is undefeated but, for those two, it hasn't yet claimed victory. Besides good genetics, both LeBron and Brady can blame work ethic and dedication to their good fortune. Spending millions each year, and countless hours, both players put an insane amount of resources into making sure their bodies and minds stay in top shape -- and both have an impressive track record of success to show for it.

For Brady, that means being a 6x Super Bowl Champion, 3x MVP, and 3xAll-Pro player. For Bron, it looks like 16 All-Star appearances 16 All-NBA selections, and 4 NBA Championships.

When it comes to greatness, very few in sports history know it more than LeBron and Brady.